Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lip Restorer: Product to Rejuvenate, Lighten Lips

Lip Rejuvenator: A Restoring Product 

Have you wondered why lips are darker and drier than when you were younger?
This is the result of many damaging factors - residues left by makeup, wind & sun and of course, the normal process of aging.

Lip Restorer gives the appearance of lighter, smoother, fuller lips, and helps to renew to natural pink lip color.

This product sells well during winter months,  when lips become exceptionally dry. At that time, it can be noticed that no amount of lip balm you put will keep lips smooth. One has to keep applying every few hours. Even a barrier cream can do so much.

This is because it isn't just moisture loss in lip tissues, but because the natural oils also have been lost. No amount of moisturizing will help.

Lip Restorer is created with special oils (only oils, none of our products use water) which have the properties of revitalizing lip tissue, by reintroducing natural oils, thus regulating natural moisture flow, smoothing and "plumping" them in time. 

This means you would have to apply it only a couple times a day and lips become smoother and softer.
For best results apply overnight to allow the oils to work in. 

Once the lips have regained their tone, a slight lightening can also be seen. One of our clients wrote to say she could use a lighter color than before as a result of using this product.

Also reduces lip wrinkles and makes them smoother.

Prev packaging. Image to show color.
Its ingredients include Orchid Extract, Aloe Extract & High altitude Bulgarian Lavender oil to firm, reverse damage, Shea Nut oil with high emolliency, helps to plump dehydrated lips and Macadamia Nut Oil for its sebum like properties and Avocado oil for smooth absorption.
Results noticeable in few days.

Apply overnight or 1-2 times daily when not using makeup. Naturally yellow-orangeish colored with Organic Seabuckthorn Berry. Color will not stain lips. 
It will last for about 2-3 months of once daily application.

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