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How to become Slimmer: Massage & Firming Products for the Body

This is Part of 5 Answers to Shrink the Stomach post
Even after losing fat & toning muscle, results are still invisible in various areas because of loss in firmness of skin. Anyone who has lost weight knows about Face sagging and looking aged. Similar with Body.

I have an ongoing battle of the bulge- kind of everywhere.
When I started with "only-exercise and eat sensibly" routine and that's enough concept, I saw little improvement. Later, I added a hi-protein diet and after a few month lost quite a few inches.
And then came the STRUGGLE with Body firming.
Into my routine, I included regular massages with firming/ slimming oils, the Indian market is full of them- VLCC, Shahnaz, Jovees- Being Ayurvedic products, they did give good results, but they were not geared for after weight-loss tightening even at 5-6 monthly massages.
Then came Firming Lotions, St.Ives and quite a few others.

I did not find what I was looking for, but I found some cheats. Instead of Substance I found Style. They were good.
By far the best was
 L'occitane en Provence Almond Milk Concentrate - Firming and Smoothing Concentrate de Lait.
It was a De light to use and smoothed and firmed amazingly quickly, used for 3-4 weeks twice daily. But when not applied for about 5 days,  my arms looked disappointingly same before use. However, seems to be a useful thing.
Then there's Essence Sublime Serum with Angelica oil (the white one to left). Products with essential oils simply beckon to me... it was Sensational - and mattifying. I put it on my arms just to see and they looked instantly smoother and firmer more than with the Milk Concentrate - like putting make-up on.
Several times better than the Vichy Perfect Serum (next to it).
Then I tried the free samples - Precious Serum, Precious Cream with Immortelle EO, both good. Divine Lotion (golden) gave a luminous movie-star effect. So Very Good. Effects lasted at least 2 days.

The Hand Cream with 20% Shea Butter is another thing. The tips of my hard-working fingers are always chipped (and I try lots of things) but it smoothed them down. Seems one is sold every 5 minutes. A huge thumbs up. I would guess this to be their backbone. Read more here.

SO Now, back to my Original Post.

List of Slimming and firming products that DO work.
Firming Products are not the complete answer to becoming slimmer, but they are an essential part of having a visibly slimmer body and to shrinking the stomach.
For skin tightening, these are some of our products we have developed and have been helpful to me and others.

Our products, Holistic Serums, are not made for temporary effects. 
While some like Orchid Face Lift Serum give quicker results- like above serums, their effects are long-lasting. I would not say permanent, because as the body changes again, it will be necessary to reuse. Say initially if you use them thrice weekly, you could use them once a week, and later to once in 2 weeks.
These are not "Constant Use" Products.  

Skin-tightening For the Face due to weightloss
1. Orchid Facelift Serum lifts, firms and clarifies.
Actually tightens and lifts. "The flowers of the White Orchid are processed in an oxygen- rich environment to produce this rare & highly valued ingredient, a super potent plant lipid." One of the best natural serums. I do believe there are no other serums that use the high concentration of natural ingredients we do.
2. Beauty Secret Masque. Filled with ayurvedic ingredients, this is an absolute must where skin needs to be firmed or shrunk. Look immediately firmer. See before-after pics here. Results last days/ weeks depending on skin condition.

Body Tightening, Slimming Products due to weight-loss
These products greatly help to give a slimmer, firmer silhouette. However, every body is different, and the results will vary according to skin.
A simplified explanation is this: If your body can quickly respond, products will show excellent results quickly. As age increases, recovery process is slower, so results may vary. What I can say is that would most likely be better than other products.

1. Ayurvedic Body Trimming Mask is excellent to aid lymphatic drainage and gives a great jump-start for slimming.
A body-wrap type of mask. Tightens skin, reduces toxins, and flushes the system for upto 3 days. You feel more energized, lighter and firmer. A little difficult to use, but great for firming a lot, reducing silhouette. Read Product Details here.
Buy Body Trimming Mask Here.

2. The Beauty Secret Masque gives tighter firmed texture to skin, lasting for days depending on skin condition. See Pics for face application. Good for tightening sagging skin and firming texture
Buy Beauty Secret Masque here.

3. Tummy Tucker Xtra Serum aids to firm and lift sagging skin only. One of our top-sellers. Even if you take only a sample size, you can see the difference. Can be used during nursing. Read more about Tummy Tucker Xtra or
Buy Tummy Tucker Xtra here.

4. Body Firming Massage Oil. This item will be updated on site shortly.
A professional body massage is an essential part of the Slim-Down Regime. Take about 1/2 oz of this oil, mix with a body oil of choice and use for massage.
Filled with natural nourishing oils to relieve congestion in tissues and soften hard fatty areas, a massage with this oil greatly aids the ability of fats to be broken down quickly. You may notice that exercise in the few days following this massage will show very fast results. This is helpful to nourish stretchy skin areas as well as soften hard fatty areas like calves.

Related products.
5. Stretchmark areas.
When skin has become delicate and crepey, it is deep tissue damage, not just sagging skin. Since elastin bands are damaged, it needs extra care nourishment and essential oils which work at a deeper level.
Use Rose Cream to work at a deeper level, which will fade stretchmarks (to an extent) but importantly, will help regain elasticity of stretched out skin. This itself may firm up more than any other product for these areas.
Buy Rose Anti-Wrinkle Cream here.

Small amounts of the Body Firming Massage Oil may also be applied over these areas. Do remember it takes 1 week to feel the difference, even if you can't see the marks fade.

6. Cellulite areas do not respond to exercise and weightloss, but essential oils, which aid lymphatic drainage give positive benefits. Cellulite Serum uses specific essential oils which are said to aid in tissue repair and therefore results are from inside out. Good results may be seen in about 2 weeks.

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