Thursday, June 26, 2014

What you are is what makes your life happy or unhappy.

Every once a while what I think of as "My Life" tries its best to get away from me.
In general, as it whooshes round and around, I whiz alongside, enjoying the ride. Its completely ridiculous not to enjoy the ride, just because one can't control it.

A lot of freedom arises out of enjoying what one cant control or influence. Not that I don't try to - I so do- I want everything just so- But they won't be just so, actually a lot of it turns out to be against everything I would like in my life.

Take my kids for instance...
I would like them to be socially acceptable, polite and dignified in a few public appearances and I will carefully school them beforehand. They will invariably do something silly. 
The two options that I then have is laugh at it or 2.get stressed about how it looks. And I opt out of stress always. 

Quite simply put, I ask myself about any given 'unhappy" situation- is there a positive ways of looking at it.
 And 100% of the time, there is at least one positive out of the most negative-looking situation. If you look hard enough, there are dozens of positive, "happy" outcomes.

Even in a harmful situation, I try my best to fix it, but if I absolutely can't control it, I opt out of worrying about it.
I just go through it.
One can't be scared of being in painful situations and still be happy.
If you conquer the fear of pain, or of embarrassment, there is precious little that will cause unhappiness.
Its like you are drinking from the fount of happiness.

There are people with all the assets to make life happy trying to make others miserable.
That, itself, underlines the misery they have in their hearts. The only way they can think of themselves positively is if someone else is put in a negative light. It seems they cannot enjoy life for itself.

How imbecilic!
Life is so rich with experiences, people, nature - every day is a wonder.
Every day there is something new. Every day has the hand of God in it. Every day is beautiful.

So many things are changed for the better because you are in the situation you are. So many people around you are benefited to the better. Because you are what you are.
"Its a wonderful life". Truly.
Enjoy what you are today.

It is a paradox, however, that when you enjoy yourself, others will not join in.
Perhaps the way to deal is that when one understands each day to be a gift of God, one can believe the Giver understands how you live it. This is the only peace that can be had. 

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