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Our Story: Why Holistic Serums Does What It Does & How & Where

The Eczema Story
In 2005, my daughter was a pre-emie with eczema.
The trauma is un-explainable to anyone who has not faced that situation.
It is utterly devastating.
Whatever you stood for so far, nothing makes sense anymore.
Its your baby and you have to fix it- only a Mom would know.

I began to look for natural alternatives to Topical Steroids prescribed for her.
Me, a Civil Engineer, Multimedia Engineer, e-Learning consultant, who had worked in India, Singapore & USA-  a hobby  Aromatherapist & Natural Perfumer. 

I was helped by my Partner, Ruth who was a Quality Control Analytical Chemist, who had worked with Roussel Pharmacy,  India & in USA- having a wider knowledge of Indian & Western Herbal medicines.
(Since several years , as something that will help our hobbies and natural interests, we had been trading internationally on a very small scale- Aromatherapy & Fragrance oils, later into Rare & exotic oils for Natural Perfumers.)

By 2006, we had researched dozens of natural ingredients- oils, powders, decoctions, fruits, etc which could calm eczema. If we read about it, or heard about it, it would come home shortly and we would isolate the ones that showed benefits 
Eventually we found a synergy of gentle oils that would calm her eczema down within hours. We customized it for other parents in eczema groups who would write to us.
When we thought of the frustration we had dealt with and how even finding a little relief seemed like a Godsend and now being able to deal with it so well, the right thing to do seemed to be to offer this Synergy to others. Eczema sufferers have to deal with several complicating features and at different seriousness. Considering the dozens of customizations, we began to offer it Online as  Surestop to Eczema in 4 different strengths, 95% Organic with Trial Sizes (we know it is so difficult it to try one more thing for eczema)

This has truly been a Labor of Love.

The Rest of the Story
After finding a solution for Eczema, we were left with dozens of expensive natural oils and herbs, from many countries. By this time, middle age had set in, body was not responding as before, and on that declining trend.
We began to use the oils and seeming like an answer to prayer- both Skin and Hair began to respond beneficially.
So we offered them along with Surestop to Eczema as a natural alternative in our "Handmade & 100% Natural"  niche as people with skin problems opt for mainly natural products.

In 3 months, customers were blogging about the other products and suddenly we found ourselves in an unknown (to us) niche: 'Rejuvenating' and there was no looking back.

To date, 
Our Serums aim to use 100% natural ingredients, when possible organic. Handmade, colored with Mineral colors. Only the Soaps have Fragrance with natural & synthetic colors- but that is necessary, no?

Over the last 7 years, we have shipped Off-the-shelf and Custom products to 40+ countries from the US. 
Create custom Skin & Hair solutions
Custom orders for Organic & Vegan requirements
Create Birthday/ Wedding Favors - available to US & India only.
Develop small-sized Pvt Label in USA

Top Sellers
BestSelling Natural Hairgrow Serum,
Face: Orchid Serum, Restoring Lip Serum, Eye Wrinkle Serum, Pure Rose Creme, Lash Lengthener
Body: Tummy Tucker Xtra, Trimming Body Wrap Mask
Pain: Hot Thai Bone Pain Balm, Tooth Fit, Baby Cold Relief.
A few are available in India.  

Come and Meet us

We will soon unveiling a Pure Vegan  Line of Rejuvenating Serums.
Meet us at Veganiesta to sample some of our products pre-launch.

16 Nov 2014
 Saptaparni, Lamakaan, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
We will be there morning to 12pm and later in the evening. 

Email us for any enquiries care121 @gmail. com

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