Monday, January 5, 2015

Bridal Skin Care & Hair Care Regime Packages 3 weeks Before the Date

Bridal Packages for Natural Glowing Skin & Fuller Hair
(Skin & Hair Care Nourishing Regime Starting 3 weeks before the Date)
Being a Bride Means 
1. You are getting ready to become the Focus.
2. 100s of pictures,
3. Starting a 
New set of Memories,
 a time when you should Look Your Absolute Best! 

And now your personal Beauty Products need to elevate Skin & Hair to Top-Notch, make you look effortlessly Fabulous & Regular everyday products no longer cut it.
To be able to Enjoy Yourself without wondering 'how am I looking?' , you need to Pro-actively take care of Hair & Skin
6 Reasons to Pro-actively use our Handmade Natural Holistic Serums
3 Concerns
1. Unless Skin is Gently nourished, it may be prone to breakouts, blemishes, rashes, etc.
2. Not nourishing Hair may make it  Dull, lifeless, rough 
3. You are finding hair styles/ makeup don't give the effect you thought they should.

Our 100% Natural Serums are
1. Very nourishing
Think of a plant in muddy water-
Although it has the capacity to grow well, because of its environment, its growth is not optimal- it may have smaller leaves, shorter growth.
Suddenly, if it gets some fresh, clean water, how well it flourishes!
Our very pure, Aromatherapy+Ayurveda based Serums are like a dose of that Fresh, Clean, Nutrient-Rich Water. They just aid your own nature.

2. No synthetic irritants commonly occuring in Skin Care products
List of irritants in Cosmetics helpful for choosing Sensitive Skin products.

3. Helps Makeup
Makeup may make you look great, but it is optimized by  Pure skin underneath.
Good Skin can, literally, transform any Add-on to a Higher level.Minimal Makeup will make you look top-notch, something a Dull face cannot do, no matter how good Makeup is. Orchid Serum helps Skin glow
4. Helps Hair Styling
A Hairstylist will tell you any treatment/style is possible on Strong, Healthy Hair.
But if Weak/Brittle, it cannot bear several styling treatments.
Our "Natural Scalp Nourishing Synergy" helps to give bounce and strength to the weakest hair in about 4-5 uses and Good Hair Butter is a natural anti-frizz serum (which means no damage after use- hair is softer, manageable)
 5. Spend Less Time & Effort If Hair & Skin are listless, blemished, more time & effort will be spent on Products to Cover up, rather than to Flaunt.

6. With all the stress you have, Skin & Hair shouldn't be one of them.Stay Stress-Free with our products.

Begin Bridal Beauty Package at least 2 weeks before the wedding for Glowing Skin & Voluminous Hair

A). Basic Beauty Bridal Package 
1. Have healthy, glowing Skin & bouncy Hair upto the Wedding + more easily handle Makeup & Styling
2. A quick look at Products that can Maintain & Keep skin & hair through your Holiday Trips 

B). The Total Bridal Beauty Package will give 1, 2 &
3. Instant Transforming Fixes- Products to bank on to look instantly gorgeous just before stepping out.
C) Vegan Bridal Packages
D) Luxury Gold Bridal Package
E) Indian Bride: Bridal Packages in India
Write to us about your Skin Color, Skin Type & any concerns and we will recommend the Bridal Skin & HairCare products to make Your Skin & Hair fabulous in 3 weeks.. 

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