Independant Reviews of HolisticSerums- 100% Natural

I kid you not, this is Sunny.

Independant Reviews of Holistic Serums

The very gorgeous PETA activist, Sunny Subramanian gave us a surprise when we stumbled on our Serums on her website!
On, she reviews oodles of fantastic Vegan Makeup, Recipes, is totally & completely glamorous. Connect on VeganBeautyReview on Facebook

on Natural Hairgrow Serum 

"After using these serums regularly for awhile, I can tell that they are powerful. I feel a change in my skin and scalp almost immediately after only my first application.. I'm usually really skeptical about wonder products, but my hair was litterally transformed. It went from fragile, dry and hard to manage to smooth and strong. My hair is as healthy as it was in my youth and I'm soooooo stoked! ..."
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on Orchid Face Lift Serum

"This miracle serum contains orchid extract, Vitamin E oil and Macadamia Oil. A few drops go a long way - a 1oz. bottle will last 2-3 months! I use this serum before I go to bed and I can feel a difference in my skin's texture when I wake up. My skin feels conditioned and super smooth. I'm a big fan and I'm an even bigger fan of the fact that the ingredients are as pure as can be. The healing properties of Mother Nature never cease to amaze me. "
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on Eyelash Lengthener

"With Latisse being all the rage right now, its nice that there's a 100% natural option as well. I happen to be a regular user of false eyelashes because my natural eyelashes aren't very long or full.. First of all, it this serum can act as a clear mascara if you want to wear it for that purpose alone. This serum also allows regular mascara to go on smoothly after application. As far as results go, I feel a subtle difference. My lashes do seem a bit fuller.. I will definitely post an update after I've used this product for a full month. I have a hunch I'm going to be thrilled!
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Followup by Sunny Subramanian on Fanpage on Facebook
Sunny says "I know these photos speak for themselves but I would like to personally say that these Holistic Serums are amazing! I especially love the eyelash lengthener! I definitely noticed a difference after using this product for only a week! These products are vegan, completely natural and effective!"

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Ashley's Review on theLuxurySpot
The Luxury Spot Fashion & Beauty Bloggers, USA

Eyelash Lengthener

"Katuri (Holistic Serums) is a company that uses completely natural ingredients and banks on herbs & serums to give your beauty regimin a boost. This miracle serum uses Camelia Oil, a plant traditionally used by the lash fluttering Geishas, the vial comes in a small bottle that is easy to keep right in your makeup bag Their Lash Lengthener promises to give the appearance of naturally longer and fuller lashes- which is exacly what I wanted! I mean it makes sense ..If you make your lashes fuller and longer.. there is no need for all the mascara to create an illusion. So i tried it, using it morning and night for 2 weeks, and I'm telling you people- it works! I put the product on at night after I wash my face, and mornings when I do not put on makeup right away. From the first application I felt my mascara going on much more smoothly, and- now after 1 week- in only 2-3 swipes, I get the lashes I desire. Original review
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Heather, on Cool Canucks
Cool CanucksCanada

Active Stretchmarks Reducer

I had a few stretchmarks on my thighs from my prior weight gain that never did go away after I lost the weight! Voila - after just a couple of uses of the Active StretchMarks Reducer, they are barely noticeable!! These products should be named 'Holistic Miracle in a Bottle'!!

Orchid FaceLift Serum: 

I saw noticeable results in as little as 5 uses! The fine lines that began to gather around my eyes were visibly reduced!! Unbelievable! I have NEVER in my life tried a product that worked like this! I will definately be ordering more once this is used up - these products are that GREAT and I am now totally sold on Holistic Serums!! Who wants to age and actually look it? Not me, that's for sure! I will be using the Orchid Antiaging Serum for life now!!... Read original review

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 What are Holistic Serums?
Holistic Serums are potent anti-aging serums and cremes which use only 100% natural ingredients.
To make our products preservative free, we use a water-free delivery system.
This means that our products are not dilutions like drugstore brands, where water (aqua) is almost always listed first.  Our  1oz serums are equivalent to, and more, than 8oz products, even with similar sounding benefits

Handmade in USA with 100% natural ingredients 
from Natural Plants: Flowers, Leaves, Bark, Roots, Resins, bee products. Many products are Vegan.

 We use extremely potent active natural ingredients from Ayurveda & Aromatherapy.
International ingredient list includes Indian, Japanese & Southamerican

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