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100% Natural ORCHID Serum : A Complete Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Face Serum

Holistic Serums will make you Smile

A gracious Client shares with us. Thank you very much!
Our Client has much praise for Orchid Face-Lift Serum. 
Differences: Large smile folds around mouth cheeks (nasolabial folds) reduced considerably, less visible even when smiling.
Jawline streamlined, firmer neck, a quite difficult area to tackle,
Even skin near nose is tightened. 
Slight wrinkles on lips are reduced
Slight blemishes and dull skin are also improved with Orchid Serum.
Over-all, face looks as it it has weight-loss,
except that anyone with actual weight loss will have more sagging.
Overall skin is healthy and glowing, and firmer.
Many of the effects of BOTOX in few weeks, without being invasive, and natural.

This is what she says
"I am so pleased w my results !  I have been putting the orchid serum on my lips also as I put on face, bc you stated about coIlagen repair. Omgoodness,, Ruth,, my lips look so much better. I do so wish I had a before & after. Oh my,  oh oh my,  better by more than half.  Was so disturbed bc I so liked my lips "

 Product Review: Internationally Acclaimed, Best-Selling, Rejuvenating Orchid Serum

"An ultra-light Serum, produces a fine-porcelain finish , almost instantaneous  glow, natural lightening of skin tone, calms mild acne & spots, firms jawline, folds around lips and eyes, forehead folds and along neck"

The Flower
Known for its elegant, timeless & classic beauty,
the Orchid takes pride of place among exotic flowers. The national flower of Thailand & Singapore, the Orchid is celebrated for its emollient &  antioxidant properties, used in beauty preparations in Asia for centuries for reparative and protective properties, and reducing appearance of fine lines.
The Ingredient
One of the new developments in modern science is a delicate extract from the Orchid. The flowers of the White Orchid are processed in an oxygen- rich environment to produce this rare & highly valued ingredient, a super potent plant lipid.
This lipid, which  provides energy for seeds to survive during the germination process, is.rich in minerals which exist naturally in the skin: zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron and copper.
The extract is clinically tested to be non-irritating, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, gentle even for sensitive skin.
Orchid Serum US Pkg
India Pkg

The Serum
Orchid Serum is a complete anti-aging serum for the face, the reparative properties of Orchid being greatly enhanced with select precious natural oils:
Macadamia Nut oil to regulate sebum balance; Evening Primrose & Shea Oils for emollient, detoxifying properties, Seabuckthorn berry & Natural Vitamin E improve skin texture.

The Benefits
Aims to provide all-round benefits: improves skin texture, firmness, minor blemishes & anti-pollution effects by opposing free radicals that toxify and dull skin. People who travel a lot will benefit immensely.
Pronounced effects are seen along the jawline, folds around lips and eyes, forehead and neck
Forms a smooth light-reflecting surface over skin. Regular use shows clear, radiant, even-toned & nourished skin.

How To Use
2ml Orchid Serum
Light enough to be used under makeup in the morning to provide protection against toxic or can be
used overnight for a fresh dewy look in the morning.
Ideal for all skin types. For extremely oily skin - apply sparingly along t-zone.
Use all over face & neck. For spot applications use 1-2 drops to lightly touch areas needing care-  around lips, eyes, forehead, jawline, neck.

The Package
Orchid Serum is packaged in an acrylic spray pump bottle.
Available in 5ml, 1/2oz & 10z sizing. Shelf Life appx. 5 years.

How to Purchase
www.HolisticSerums.com  Items ship internationally from USA.

In India
Limited products available in India. As an introductory size, a 2ml pump spray bottle is available, provides 10 pumps or 5-10 uses.
To extend use, the top may be bent open and you can use 1-2 fingertips of serum for spot application.
2ml INR 550/- (ltd avl), 5ml INR 1250/-
Contact for larger sizes or buy online
See All Products available in India 
Other Uses of Orchid Serum

Orchid Serum may be used on neglected  hands & feet which are darkened due to pollution effects.
Using Beauty Secret Masque 1-2 times monthly will  provide similar benefits for hands & feet.
Orchid Serum provides immense benefits for people who undergo rapid weightloss, like post-baby Moms and those on focused exercise & diet regimes.

When the body loses weight rapidly, skin which had been extended for a long time cannot snap back to original shape as it has lost its elastic properties. This is especially true when fat from the face is lost and the face loses its toned look.
In such cases, Orchid Serum may be used to firm sagging facial features.

Another area of concern for those into exercise is that newly gained muscle tone can be felt, but hidden under skin. These sagging skin areas are generally along lower belly, upper arms, etc.-wherever thin, stretched-out skin may be held in between two fingers.

Our Body Product, Tummy Tucker Xtra, with similar ingredients to Orchid Serum is very helpful in this case. This will help tone sagging skin (not tissue) to restore elasticity, cause firming and show off newly toned muscle.
We have been enhancing the amazing Orchid Serum over the years: See old post: http://activenaturals.blogspot.in/2008/08/exploiting-orchid.html

Other body products also available on www.HolisticSerums.com
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  1. Its antioxidant nature protects the skin from environmental toxins that accelerate the aging process.skincare expert : Tina Larsen


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