Saturday, January 22, 2011

Discovering a Skin Solver -Burn & Acne Scars, Before-After Pics

2 kind clients graciously share their pics and experience with Rose Creme.

Client 1
This client got burnt a year ago.
While deep frying Indian delicacies, the oil in the dish caught fire. With smoke alarms blaring, all she could think of was getting the dish out to the patio. By the time she ran to the door with it, the space of a few seconds, the steam from it caused 1st & 2nd degree burns. Thankfully, the oil did not splatter!

After 1 year, it seemed the scar wasnt healing any further. As she was 4 weeks in town, she asked me for something to increase the rate of healing.
The only thing I could think of, out of all our serums, was Rose Anti-Wrinkle Nite Creme, (with Rose Otto).
My premise was that, since it helped improve appearance of wrinkles, in the upper dermal layers, it would also help improve scars in the upper layers.
This picture above is about 4-5 days of using the creme, our 4g sample size, applied twice daily, and fading had already begun by the time I took the pic.

But the after pic made me very pleased with the results!
After 4 weeks
The After pic was taken the last day in town- about 4 weeks later. 
The only retouching I did was to get skin color as close to each other in before & after pics. 
Even taking into account, the higher brightness, it is possible to notice that
1. the deep brown of scar has faded to a dark pinkish, brown, much closer to skin tone, which is why it looks less apparent in pic.
2. the clear patches between the scars have grown in area - or scars have reduced in area.
3. Skin is glossier, nourished and supple. Feeling of dryness associated with the burn reduced

Client 2
About 10 days into above, after seeing the visibly fast results, a friend of this client, asked to check the same Rose Creme for stubborn Acne scars.
Before- 2 years of treatment at various clinics
For 2+ years, she has gone through various treatments for face & back scarring, giving each a few months- Kaya's skin clinic, dermabrasion, chemical peels, Homeopathy, various scrubs & treaments.
She was not happy with the little results she got.

Yesterday, exactly 3 weeks since she started, she shared her After pic.
This is  a positive midway result.
After 3 weeks
If observed closely, taking the difference in brightness into consideration.
1. Intensity of individual scars is lower, dark color has faded to a much lighter color.
2. Clear patches between the scars have increased in area. Tinier scars are no longer there.
3. Overall impression of atleast 25% reduction
4. Smoother, suppler, glossier, healthier skin.

For this client, I custom-made an Acne Scrub, intensifying our deep cleansing Detox Scrub with added ingredients of sulphur-rich spirulina and other herbal ingredients. This was received favorably and showed good results in a single use, after which this After pic was taken.
I'll be sure to upload the next time she shares.
The Serum: Rose Anti-Wrinkle Nite Creme
1oz (3-4 months for face )

Rose Anti-Wrinkle Nite Creme is part of our Handmade, preservative-free, chemical-free serums, made with 100% natural ingredients.
Color-free & fragrance-free, this product is well liked by sensitive skin individuals.

It is enhanced with Turkish Rose Otto and is our 2nd bestseller, after Natural Hairgrow.

Available in Full & Trial sizes.

US & International shipping at

in India
Sample Size 4g (2-3 weeks of use for face)


  1. i just got a secondary burn just like your first client can i know how to get this cream you're using?

  2. Hi Athirah,
    email for more info.
    We ship worldwide from the US and have some products available in India.

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