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Must READ! Ebay Sellers! How to get Paypal to successfully return money refunded to fraudulent buyers!

This story I got in my mail was sufficiently unusual and pleasant about-
I've heard too many, and a couple of personal experiences with slimy buyers getting back their money from paypal and refusing to send back goods..

It is from and you'll probably find it there somewhere


. Our labels work perfect in 99.9% of our customers' applications, but occasionally we run across someone who they will not work for. Almost always it is an equipment problem, not a label problem, but we always offer a full money back guarantee...after all, the customer is always right, even when they are not!

Recently we had someone buy 1500 of our labels and contact us saying they were not working, that the ink was not drying on them. I'll add that the customer was pretty rude and crude when he was telling me what I could do with my crappy labels!

Now normally when someone contacts me with a problem and has a friendly congenial tone we go out of our way to help them. When someone sends me a nasty email instead of taking a civil tone my reaction will depend on my mood that day...sometimes I'll give as good as I get, other times I will be nice...luckily for this guy, today I was in a good mood.

My reply email, in a nutshell, was that we were sorry he was having a problem and was wondering if he could check a few things for me. I explained to him that on the rare occasions we have heard of similar things happening it was usually linked to ink cartridge problems. Could he perform a print head cleaning and see if that was the problem? Of course that was way too much to ask of him and he demanded a refund. I told him no problem, send the labels back and he will get a full refund.
I didn't hear anything back for 3 or 4 days until all of a sudden a PayPal dispute popped up and he was demanding a full refund and didn't want to return the product. Realizing this was a losing situation I elevated the dispute to a claim checking the section that said he would get a full refund upon returning the product. Since that is PayPal's policy they told him that was what he had to do.

PayPal notified me the next day that the buyer had shipped the item back to me and to look for it. Now, here is where it gets fun....we got the item back 10 days later via media mail and surprise, surprise:

1. Only 500 of the 1500 labels were returned, even thought he told PayPal he was returning all 1500.

2. He shipped it Media Mail which is a big No No with the post office, blank labels definitely do not qualify.

3. Low and behold, it was one of our labels he used to print the postage...and it looked perfect...apparantly there was no ink drying problem on that one!

.. I immediately called PayPal and told them the situation, hoping to avoid their immediate refund policy that they seem so fond of.
Unfortunately, PayPal had already refunded the buyer's money so I had to file an appeal over the phone. When I got back in the office the next day I had my email from PayPal telling me I had to get a police incident report stating that what was returned was not what the customer said they returned.

My local police were ever so unhelpful and told me they don't get involved in those kind of civil disputes. Ever undaunted I went to my local post office and got my postmaster to write a letter explaining that she examined the package and only 500 labels were present...also that my normal packages weight 16lbs and his own postage label showed this one sent back at under 6lbs. Figuring I had all the information PayPal needed I happily faxed off my appeal.

Two days later I received an email from PayPal that my appeal had been denied because I did not get a police report!

In my ever calm mood I called PayPal up to explain once again that the police would not make a report. The super intelligent customer service person I talked to explained to me that "of course the police would file a report...that was their job and they do it all the time". I then explained to the customer service person that if she thought she knew the officers job and duties better than he did I would provide her with his phone number so she could call him and tell him he was derelict in his duty! Obviously that was not to her liking but she put me on hold to see if there was anything else that could be done.

After listening to elevator music for almost 15 minutes a new voice came on the phone informing me that she was a supervisor and that indeed the information the first customer service person gave me was accurate...I would need a police report. I then informed the supervisor that would be no problem...I now knew how to get a police report. I asked the supervisor for her full name, address, phone number and any other information she could provide. She asked me what I needed that for and I explained I was going to need it when I contacted the police to file a report of mail fraud on the buyer and name her as an accessory after the fact! There were a few seconds of stunned silence and then she asked if she could put me on hold again....of course you can I said.

Wonder of all wonders she was back within 30 seconds...and she had a solution for me...they would email me an affidavit. All I needed to do was fill it out, get it verified by a notary public and fax it it....I did that Friday and low and behold, today I got my money back!

Moral of the story...if you are right, don't give up!

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