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Body Wrap Trimming Mask for Slimming and Jump start Weight Loss Program

To Jump Start a weight loss program our Body Trimming Mask is very helpful.

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It consists of 2 parts:
A dry Trimming Mask powder with ayurvedic rejuvenating ingredients and 

Trimming Oil, which uses certain essential oils which aid lymphatic drainage.
With the added benefits of the clays in it, this Mask helps to detoxify and tighten skin and give a firmer silhouette.

- May help to drop inches immediately
It works similar to a body wrap, only you dont have to go through 2 hours in a wrap and a ton of money. The Trimming Mask works on loose wobbly fat areas- may also be helpful for Cellulite areas. 
Users have found help in the areas of large fat deposits- tummy,"lovehandles", upper hips, upper thighs, fatty pad in outer thigh and arms, upper shoulder & back areas.

Intensely detoxifies, breaks down and eliminates toxins in fat cells, May leave legs and hips thinner, lighter & smooth; . This may be just what you need to get into the skinny jeans.

If you dont have a lot to lose, you will become more streamlined and smooth.3oz size will give about 2 uses to legs, hips, tummy and arms for plus-average sized person
1.5 oz (white) may give 2 uses to 2 areas or 1 use overall. Now all you have to do is get that tight dress out of the closet.

How to Use 

Mix dry Trimming Mask Powder in a bowl. Add enough warm water to make a thick, pliable paste and mix thoroughly with spatula for 3-4 minutes for uniform mixing and to break down salts.
Add the Trimming Mask Oil to the bowl and mix thoroughly.
Apply as soon as possible as a thin layer to upper legs, hips, love handles, upper arms, tummy. Apply as a layer, do NOT rub into skin. 

Do not apply on broken/inflamed skin
Wait for 10-15 minutes or until it dries thoroughly. Slight tingling of skin is normal but if skin is very sensitive, wash off in 5-10 mins.

Wash off with mild soap and warm water to remove residues.
If there is left over, cover and pop in the refrigerator, Use within 1 week.
There may be a noticeable change immediately and noticeable till next 8-12 hours

Dead Sea Salt and Activated Charcoal
As Lymphatic drainage is activated, detoxifying and flushing may happen over the next 3 days, so it is important to drink lots of water, juices, soups and healthy foods to aid the body's natural processes. Maximum results were generally seen by users in 3 days. 

Do not use when pregnant, nursing, have any medical conditions or ill health.

Ingredients of Trimming Clay Mask: Dead Sea Mud, Illite (French Green Clay), Bentonite, (Pink) Kaolin, Kaolin (Moroccan Red), Dead Sea Salts, Activated Charcoal, Caffeine Extract, Laminaria (Kelp) granules, Aswagandha & other ayurved ingredients
Ingredients of Activating Trimming Oil: Cranberry Seed oil, essential oils of Manuka, Cyperus, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Orange & Turmeric oil

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