Monday, December 22, 2014

Limits. For Real. Do you believe in an unlimited world or are you for Real?

The world is not unlimited.
But a world can be made within your limits.

Most of the people who Founded their own businesses know this- lol!

No offense, but if you believe in an Unlimited world, Limitless opportunities, then, you my friend, are into marketing, drama and Unreal.
Unreal sells. Yes. Nothing sells like Fantasy; Sell the Dream.
(Us, founders, we have trouble with selling!)

So while marketing - and where would we be without it?- is selling the Dream, The Founder lays foundations in the Real world.

There is a proverb in telugu which says
"Build a house and you will Know"

Laying a foundation is not a joke. (Is marketing? yes. most of the times I'm marketing, I feel like its stand-up comedy.)

People who work with Reality lay foundations.
Because Reality comes with Limits.

The funny thing is, you know Limits only when you are stretched past them.

Once people are stretched past their limits,
they know how much they can handle,
without damage and
how much they can handle with damage.
and how much they absolutely won't handle.

When you see mature people closing off opportunities
which seemingly look so beneficial to others,
you should understand that sometimes thats a stretched person.
A stretched person knows
something about personal damage
that others don't.

Because really,
in our own personal life,
joy and peace
are worth so much more than
what looks good on the outside &
who looks good beside you.

If you don't understand this, you probably aspire to un-reality (or the fantastical superhuman who is in reality  sub-human),  and you opt to not understand.

but I digress,
the Founder lays foundations.
whatever you build on top can be demolished a hundred times and
rebuilt if the foundation is secure.

If you build on the fact that God Is,
if the building is gone, its ok
the foundation stays.

Build if worth the building.

For the future.
For the New Year.
For the Realists.
For those who believe that God is.
in the I AM.

Enough Hope.
For any New Year.

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