Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to those who believe without knowing

I was listening to this song, and it set off a spiral of thoughts.
That Mary didn't know.
She carried the world's biggest Secret and took care of Him for years before she could fathom what she did.

Neither do we.
The world He made, a fraction of the universe, is bigger than ourselves & our knowledge.

We cannot understand all the details of a physical world- the quantity of sand, the depths of the seas. What chance to understand the Spiritual realm, where God Is?

So many times, In the Name of God, we go through hard circumstances, losses, tragedy-
And when we are in the middle of it, or even after we come out of it, we really don't know what 'It' is.

And yet, we believe in God through it all.
We believe He is past finding out.
That He is good, and that all things He has made He will turn to good.
If He has made us, and we follow His teachings, to the best of our ability, then He will turn us to good.

We are those who believe without knowing, we are the Faithful.
We are the ones that Jesus told Thomas about.
We are the blessed that believe without seeing.
If you are going through a time where it seems that there isn't reason enough to celebrate - 
May your faith be enough reason to celebrate today.

Merry Christmas.
Christ is born.
And we are saved.

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