Saturday, February 14, 2015

Light of Love: Valentine's Day for the Christian

God celebrates His Love.
In the Flowers, in the Air, in the Water I drink.
Free but Indispensable.

As a Christian, I celebrate Love

When I choose to say God loves me,
 even as I go through a hateful situation.
When my reaction is to keep saying the best things He has done,
rather than question God...

But then,
isn't the Love of God seen
when He has already given us something good to say
when people question us?

Because if He didn't
I'd be really upset....
I'd think He didn't Love me at all..
and thats not true...


Love gives Joy and Peace.
NOT in a joyful, peaceful situation- 
or in a situation you can handle.

But when you have Peace in a difficult circumstance
day in and day out..
oh! brother, everyone should see you've been following Christ.

The Flip side..

When you walk, following Christ in your life,
Walking in Love...
You walk away from that which is not Christ-like
that which is not Love.
So the greatest Love may be retained.
And the greatest Joy and Peace.

You walk from father, mother, spouse, child
to follow Him.
Because you found out once
that God's Love is the Best Kind.
The Best Valentine.

A Love that is not Irrelevant
to the situation.

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