Saturday, January 16, 2010

Surestop to Eczema -First Testimonial of 2010

“My daughter had a patch of eczema on her leg which would not heal.

The doctors gave me various creams and I tried all manner of remedies but none worked. I did not want to use a steroid cream so opted for SureStop as a ‘last resort’. I wish I had discovered it sooner as the eczema has almost completely gone only three weeks since I started using it. I would recommend it to anyone!”

Lucy, Hampshire, UK.

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About Surestop to Eczema
Surestop to eczema is a 100% natural, 95%+ USDA Organic topical treatment for Eczema for Babies & Adults

Synergy uses a combination of precious healing oils Manuka, Sandalwood & others to improve the immune system, thereby helping the body combat the conditions

60% + success rate to relieve itchiness and provide relief to mild-moderate cases of eczema -may replace & reduce steroid use in many cases.

Users range from 2month old babies to 70+ yr olds.
The very young show the quickest improvement as their immune systems are under development and Surestop gives a jumpstart  to dampened immune systems.

Available in 3 strengths,  Regular, Medium & Strong.


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