Friday, August 1, 2014

How to Make Your Face Lie about You.: Personalized Anti-aging Advice for Rejuvenating Hair & Skin.

Hi, I'm Esther Jo.
Along with my partner, Ruth Rose,.using Ayurvedic & Aromatherapy based principles, we have developed Natural Rejuvenating Holistic Serums over the last 8 years.

My Face Lies about my Age.
This pic was when I was a couple years short of 40. After my 20s, I probably have my best skin now

Healthy, Clear Skin and Strong, Bouncy Hair, plus a Positive Attitude are the main reasons of looking Fresh & Youthful.

I know exactly what will make your face the best it has ever been.

If you want personalized solutions for Skin & Hair, send us a couple lines about yourself, age, what environmental factors you deal with.
We'll suggest from our Gentle, Natural, Rejuvenating Serums and Cremes those that best suit your needs and a regimen that can optimize their use.

Sometimes a combination of products, or something altogether different may be needed. If so, we'll be glad to customize for you.
Mail  care121 @ for your requirements.

To find Rejuvenating Solutions that would fit your needs, you must be take the time to make yourself aware of these concerns. See the Necessity of Rejuvenation

1.Truthful evaluation of Hair and Skin texture
(Ex, since How long has hair loss started, or compare old pictures of yourself and now- pinpoint areas of concern)
2. What are most of the damage factors exposed to
(Ex, pollution for those who travel in a two-wheeler, stress-related, work-related factors) and how to minimize exposure to them

3.Daily/ weekly/ monthly routines for hair and skin that you do
(we'll suggest how to enhance them)

I look forward to hearing from you.

You can email care121 with your requirements and leave a phone number and time to contact you. We'll email and if possible, call you.
US website We ship Internationally from USA
Click here to see products available in India.

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