Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lessons in a Garden: Weeding for Life

A couple of days ago, there was quite a bit of rain.
I was waiting for this, and before the ground got rock hard again (Indian summer!), I got down on my hands and knees and began to weed.
As I struggled to pull out the nasties suffocating the flower bed, I thought of the "weeds" in my head.

People who give advice or "good seed" sometimes leave seeds of weeds mixed in. Leave them be, and they'll be rampant all over your head.

As I weeded, I learnt me a few life lessons.

1. The ground needs to be moist
If your ground is hard, you can't pull them out. You can't be fixed in your thoughts, or fixated on your feelings. When something happens to put you in a flexible mindset,  you're ready to pull it off. Sometimes, it can be a chance meeting with a friend, or something you read, or something you're doing.
I do it best when I'm "organizing" or clearing things up, even if its just my computer.

2. Locate your weeds
Weeds overgrow your plants- if you aren't really careful, you could pull out the plants that you bought, planted, nurtured, even saw some flowers on. Be careful to put aside the positive uplifting words that even mean, spiteful people give away. Don't pull out your relationships, only the things in them that pull you down.

3. Pulling weeds takes force.You cannot remove negative, rooted thoughts without spending time, energy, and pressure. Expect some mind-churning - this isn't a cakewalk.

4. Weeds Network at a shallow level
Have you ever seen a weed, all by itself, digging down into the bedrock? NO! Weeds need other weeds to network. 1 thought of 1 person, connected to what another person said, and before you know it, the things you're reaching for, can hardly be seen.

5. Bugs live under Weeds.
If you thought the weeds were the worst part? I had ants bite my toes and hands before I scooted for protective gear. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal- the weeds were hardly there a few weeks. Until you start pulling out their negative words, people dont turn back and bite you.

6. Sometimes you can't do it all at the first try.
Some roots are too hard, or you've used up all energy, or legs hurt- whatever it is that stops you.Go back and pull that negative thoughts/words again when you're feeling better.

Don't give up- there's a whole garden waiting for your touch.
And if you didn't get it- Weeding is Power.

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