Thursday, July 31, 2014

Raspberry Ketones for weightloss: Miracle Fatburner: How it worked for me

Regular Exercise, Healthy Diet, Toning Massage and I am still looking to cheat Nature. I find one on The Dr Oz Show. Raspberry Ketone.
At first glance I think, hmmm, is that true?
But Raspberry Seed Oil is one of the natural ingredients I have worked with, making it somewhat familiar.
Also Dr.Oz has been giving away useful info from Alternative Therapies for a long time, however, I believe this particular item caused quite a stir, because of which hes been fined, but, well, different story.
Ok, Here's the video which is convincing enough to make me go try it.
I'm gonna post right here what it did for me.

Dr.Oz recommends 100mg/day and results within 5 days.

Whats it
"Raspberry ketones is a natural phenolic compound, aroma compound of raspberries, often found in perfumery, cosmetics and food to achieve a nice sweet smell, one of the most expensive flavor additive- approximately $20,000 per kilogram. Synthetic formula is $2-8/ lb."

The Raspberry Ketones I got was from British Nutrition, potency of 500mg with recommended thrice-daily dosage (1500mg!) for a month.
Being 150 times what Dr.Oz recommended kind of scares me. I am extremely unfriendly to weight-loss pills ever since a lady in Singapore died because of liver damage due to weight loss pills. I was living there at that time, and it made the news and headlines for a really long time.

But Dr.Oz has been quite trust-worthy, and after a few weeks on the shelf, I finally pick it up.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Well anyhow, for 3 days I try 3 capsules a day and check the results.
For one thing 3 days was enough to see results, and it isn't just water loss, I can tell. There was a softening of hard-fat areas and a slight change in silhouette.
But there was enough amount of fatigue to stop using it till I figured out how to deal with it.

Well, I did realize that this type of woozy feeling also occurs with our own Trimming Mask (product to quickly tone body by scrunching loose body fat due to weightloss). And I know it is because of suddenly losing large amounts of water, minerals and fat drained out along with it.
(Btw, Dr.Oz was called out coz the product caused palpitations in some people.)

I figured my body wasn't used to losing fat so soon, so reduced intake.
1. A week later, I do 1 capsule a day every 3-4 days.
2. Week after, 1 capsule daily for 3 days. Then stop a week.
3. Next week I did 2 capsules a day for 3 days.
4. 3 capsules a day for 3 days. Stop a week.
Even though, I figured out how to deal with it, I'm still slightly wary of taking it every day. No doubt at all, that the product is extremely helpful, the Pilates show better results, etc.
Review is excellent for softening Hard Fat areas.

If you are thinking about it, and we all need a little help sometimes, this is what I suggest:

1. Lots of electrolytes at hand. Feel even slightly dry, take a few sips.
2. Lots of juices around. Make sure I'm getting my Vitamins.
3. Nibble on nuts, fruits, chocolate, Just nibbles, coz appetite seems to have reduced considerably. Break between food becomes larger than normal.
Just eat and drink healthy things very frequently to offset.

Exercise brought a lot more results when I was using the product than without.
If you are familiar with protein powder helping get better results, think of this as a super-protein (for results).

Alright, that's all I have to say.
If you tried the product and have any questions, lets try to figure it together.

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